Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) in Haarlem

Welcome to the one and only Jiu Jitsu Factory location in Haarlem. Our location may be new however our BJJ group has been training together for more than a decade!

Trust and loyalty are among the strengths we endeavour to pursue. Our main objective at Jiu Jitsu Factory Haarlem is to encourage all our members to grow and to develop, in a safe environment.

Our group of experienced coaches will help you to understand firstly the sport and secondly, the purposes of the different tactics and techniques.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

BJJ is one form of fighting on the ground. It can be compared to the more common fighting sports such as wrestling and judo. 
BJJ is a grappling based martial art and self defence system. It was created by the Gracie brothers after modifying some techniques and philosophy of the original Japanese Jiu Jitsu. 
BJJ includes comprehensive striking techniques, throws and stand-up techniques and strategies. 
Our BJJ classes are given by Black Belt and head coach, Martijn Gademan, and brown belts Niels Janssen and Dustin Visser.
In the Open Mat training sessions everyone has the option to train in Gi or No-Gi (grappling). Generally the intention during these Open Mat training sessions is to repeat and practise the tactics and techniques that were introduced during that week.


Grappling is a form of martial art where the use of takedowns and ground control are ways to gain dominance over a partner/opponent. The contest is over once one partner concedes defeat, otherwise known as a submission or a tap out. 
Our training sessions do not include striking in order to encourage the focus on submissions and clinches and also to reduce the chances of injury. 
Our Grappling class is run by Nick Matthew on a Monday night and whilst there is one class session per week dedicated to this No-Gi version of the sport, there are multiple chances during the Open Mat training sessions to continue to practise No-Gi.

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