Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) and Grappling

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a sport best compared to a game of chess with your own body. The challenge is to defend yourself without giving away any dominance and all the while dominating your partner/opponent. The exercises and moves take place 90% of the time on the ground. The standing position or stand up game is only a small component of the sport. 
Participants wear a “Gi” during BJJ. It is comparable to a judo suit where you can hold onto your partner/opponent. Grappling on the other hand is performed without a Gi (also known as No-Gi) however there are many similarities between grappling and BJJ. 
Every day of the week we offer the chance to work on your BJJ and grappling skills. The training sessions during the week are guided by one of our experienced trainers while the Open Mat training sessions are available with the intention to work on what was practised during the week and also to spar with others. 
Every training session takes 2 hours so that adequate time is spent on a thorough warm-up, a portion dedicated to skills, for sparring and a cool-down. 
Please bear in mind the following: 
  • Short finger and toenails
  • A mouthguard is mandatory
  • Please clean your hands and feet before stepping onto the budomat
  • Spray to disinfect your hands and feet is provided
  • Please bring your own towel.

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